Maryland Insurance CE - Life Health & Annuity Producer Package



CPMI makes renewing your insurance license easy!

Our Maryland Insurance Continued Education - Life, Health and Annuity Producer Package Course provides a basic refresher of required core insurance concepts:

  • Life Insurance Fundamentals (6 hrs)
  • Health Insurance Fundamentals (6 hrs)
  • Business Life Insurance (2 hrs)
  • Business Disability Insurance (2 hrs)
  • 4 hr Annuity Suitability Training (4 hrs)
  • Annuity Fundamentals (1 hr)
  • Ethics, Handling the Money (3 hrs)

These Courses are designed to help you easily complete your mandatory insurance license renewal requirement and includes:

  • 24 hours of total credit.
  • Fulfills state ethics and annuity suitability requirements.

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