Becoming an Agent, Working for a Company

I want to become an insurance sales agent, which company is the best?

It is a common question to ask which of all the many major and minor players in the insurance game can be the best to work for, and the answers to that question can be as numerous as the number of people who answer it. Everybody has an opinion.

The fact of the matter is that many people are very happy working in their jobs, no matter where they are, and some people are unhappy. Different companies have different policies about rates, commissions, advancement, and a hundred other things. Independent agencies and brokers are just as diverse. The most important thing to take into account when considering which company to work for is whether their policies fall in line with your goals and expectations for your own career.

You should work for an insurance company with which you feel comfortable - both in the types of policies sold as well as with the training, coaching, mentoring, and other assistance available through the company. Also, consider whether it has standards with which you can identify and fit in.

"From an agent with years of experience as an agent, district manager, and now trainer for many different companies, this is the best advice that I can provide." Paul Mensinger

What insurance company is the best company to work for? Should I work for a national company? A regional company? A local company?

Becoming Licensed

Individuals considering becoming licensed to provide insurance should look into one of our many insurance licensing courses.

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