The Health Insurance Agent Opportunity

What Is a Health Insurance Agent?

A health insurance agent (or producer) works with people to help them prepare for unforeseen medical problems in the areas of loss of income from a short- or long-term disability, medical and dental expenses, and the cost of possible long-term care in a nursing facility. These type of medical costs can cause a serious depletion of an individual's or a family's assets if there is not insurance protection in place to assist the individual.

An agent may focus on any one of these types of policies or work as a generalist who provides many different products to an individual customer.

Job Outlook

Demand, and therefore sales, of health and long-term-care insurance, as well as other comprehensive financial planning services designed specifically for the elderly are expected to rise sharply as the population ages. Insurance agent licensing is expected to be in high demand.

Health Licensing Training

CPMI offers several ways for prospective Health Insurance Agents to take care of their state licensing requirements, with self-study materials (Audio MP3's) and Online Courses.

Types of Health Insurance Coverages

Loss of Income from Disability - Disability insurance helps the policyholder in that it: a) pays up to a maximum of about 60% of income lost as the result of disability b) reimburses for the loss of income while disabled.

Medical Expense - Medical expense insurance policies allow people to transfer future, unforeseen medical expense risk to an insurance company. Benefits may be paid directly to the insured on a reimbursement basis, or the insured may assign benefits to be paid directly to the health care provider.>/p>

Dental Expense - The purpose of dental insurance is to cover the cost of dental care for routine preventive care, the treatment of gum disease, fillings and crowns, the treatment for root canals, artificial replacement of teeth, braces, and oral surgery.

Long-Term Care Expense - The main reasons for purchasing long-term care insurance are to avoid the depletion of assets that would otherwise be needed to pay for the care, and to ensure that those who benefit from the insurance will definitely receive the care they need.

Becoming Licensed

Individuals considering becoming licensed to provide insurance should look into one of our many insurance licensing courses.

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